Born and raised in the heart of East London, Sam Addo discovered his passion for the film and tv industry, through creating his own documentaries & music videos at the tender age of 15

His creative flare led to him being given the opportunity to work as a promo director for the BBC in the early noughties.

After a few years at the beeb Sam honed his skills further by creating the popular youth show No Bling! TV designed to give uk talent a voice and then as Head of Production at Channel U (At the time Europe’s biggest youth entertainment tv station

During these times Mr Addo founded mixed media company Shaddow Group. It is here where Sam really came into his own as a Producer Director & writer.

The company has been going for 14 years and has a long list of music videos, Ad campaign’s Films, as well as an impressive list of clientele which any indie would be proud of.

Shaddow Group takes pride in working with the community to create great inspiring Tv & Film & Online content 

With an exciting musical film project in the pipeline and his debut feature film Cards on the Table now available on Amazon Prime, Sam aims to add to his list of achievements all the while helping others progress in the industry.


Tel: 020 3627 0512

Tel: 079 8459 8838



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